I grew up is a small town surrounded by forest, lakes and meadows and this close connection to nature
was always very important and inspire all of my creative works to date. I had my first contact with photography
in primary school when I used to take photographs with analog cameras and spent many hours
processing films and prints in old fashioned darkrooms. It was a trully magical experience and I got hooked
on photography. I have gained MA degree in Fine Arts and worked for years as a graphic designer but I always
felt photography is the media that fascinates me the most.

I love great outdoors, nature, hiking and being 'lost' in the wilderness. Physically and mentally it is always a very
refreshing and uplifting experience. Living in Inverness, the capital of Scottish Highlands gives me the opportunity
to explore, witness and photograph some of the most spectacular landscapes under unique light & weather conditions.
I also enjoy all other types of photography from architecture to portraits and abstract works. In my shots I always try
to catch something special - unique atmosphere of places, play of light & shadows, ever-changing scottish light
and weather, inspiring compositions, colours, shapes and textures...


I run 1-to-1 landscape photography workshops available in all locations across The Highlands of Scotland and Moray.
My workhops are individually tailored to suit customer's needs and skills. I also undertake commissioned photographic works
such as shooting properties for sale, hotels & restaurants, interiors and exteriors, products, photographs for advertising,
portraits, weddings & events...
If you wish to use any of my services please get in touch via the 'Contact' page to discuss your requirements.

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