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1 day workshop 18/6/2018

Thank you once again for the time n patience you spent with me. I learnt so much from you. Tom is an excellent tutor/mentor and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn more about their equipment and to find stunning locations across Scotland.
John Dickinson

Large Canvas Print (Old Man Storr Winter) & Calendar

Dear Tom, Many thanks for my beautiful canvas print.
I spent 3 weeks in beautiful Scotland this Nov.
Your beautiful pictures take me straight back to many special moments
usually at or near the same places. Thank you so much for enabling me
to look into my picture and be taken back to that wonderful place again
& again. You certainly have the gift for capturing those special moments.
I look forward to seeing much more of your work. All the very best success to you.

Many thanks

Just wanted to say thank you so very much for showing me the beautiful country that my grandfather came from!!!
Cathy Smigh

30x45" canvas prints

Received the prints this afternoon – just fantastic!
I have a sneaking suspicion that I may be back for more at some point..
Thank you for excellent service and prompt delivery too.
Marcus C. Hodges

your work

I find your work very well done being a photographer myself you seem to have a great sores of images
chuck nailie

Your photographs

Your images fuel my flights of fancy that I may one day see these amazing places in person!
Geni Benedict

your photographs

Looking at your wonderful photographs is every time a great joy for me. they bring back memories of beloved bonny scotland
Daisy Messner


Love your pictures of Scotland. There are so many that I love, I save all of them for my desk top and just to look at. I also put them on my Facebook page so my friends and family can see them as well.Thank you for such beautiful pictures of a place that I dream about going to some day. I may not get there in this lifetime but your pictures take me there.
April A Bright Watson

Item, LL176

Recieved my picture canvas yesterday (12 Feb. 2015)
Just love it, crystal clear. Cant wait to put it up on the wall.
Many Thanks , Susan Matheson. : )
Susan Matheson

Absolutely love your photos

They evoke in me such myriad, wonderful feelings.
Frances Cross

Beloved Scotland!

Thank you! Many times I spent my holidays in these places, and now, when I look at your pictures I breathe Scotland. Ciao
Annarita Dal Rio


Just wanting to know i enjoy all your photographs,just brilliant. Do you have any of the Shetland area?
virginia milne nee Isbester


We "know" one another from Facebook where I've been admiring your photos for quite some time. You've got quite an "eye," and I've been enjoying looking at how you view the world outside of Scotland. I wish you continued success in all you do.
Nan Grossbarth

Beautiful Scotland!

You are really talented!!
What a fantastic pictures you make of the beauty
of the Scottish Highlands!
Anita te Kampe

Wonderful talent

Your photographs are wonderful. I get so much enjoyment from them.
Best wishes for continuing success in all you do. Regards.
Margaret White


Your pictures are awe inspiring.
A longing to come back to Scotland is only intensified
by looking at these beautiful photos. Truly beauty personified.
Thank you for giving my eyes the chance to view the majesty
that is the Scottish Highlands.
Leslie Carter

Brilliant pictures

I have been to Scotland often, but have rarely seen good photos
of the beauty that lies around the corner there.
You manage to capture that in your astonishing superb quality photos,
well done, each of them. What a talent!
Sabine Lubek


Nice site bro, all the best for future :).

Highland Views

Such stunning shots. You have shown well known views from a slightly different angle
which gives a whole new interpretation. The way you show the texture
of the landscape and capture the serenity
of the lochs and glens is truly amazing.
Mike latham


Hauntingly beautiful! Your photos take my breath away,
just as when I visited in May 2012.
Donna Stancato


Amazing work - some of the best photographs of Scotland that I have seen.
Makes me homesick to look at them.
Nora Szponar

Your Photography

I follow you on Facebook and have to say you have some incredible photography.
Scotland is a very beautiful area to photograph.
My wife and I really appreciate your sharing these wonderful photos.
We both agree it is somewhere we would love to visit someday.
Thank you so much.
Tony and Sherrie Johnson

Superb images!

I have never seen so many super-high quality images of my favourite place in the world. Truly, excellent.
Sally Gale

Photo artistry

These are the most beautiful photographs of Scotland that have ever been taken.
In my opinion.
Jo Aelfwine


Came to this site via your Facebook page just so many wonderful pictures of such stunning scenery,
you must have one of the best jobs going
Clive Lampard

a very predictable comment...

A few quick words only- stunning landscapes and terrifically timed capture of their beauty.
Nothing you don't know about then ;)
All the best!

your work

WOW !!! Your pictures are fantastic ..what a talent -catching the moment

Your photos

Oh my goodness, your photography is absolutely stunning.

Incredible photography

Tomasz, what an incredible eye you have for the natural beauty of Scotland.
Very impressed with your work. All best, and keep shooting! - Kay
Kayla Wilson